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Kundali Matching - How It Works For Marriage

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No notes for slide. Kundli Matching 1. Kundli matching or Gun MIilan 2.

Bhakoot Koota In Kundli Matching

Horoscope matching system is used to examine whether the bride and the groom are compatibility with one another. Mangal Dosha are basically of two types: Anshik and Sampuurn meaning minor and major effects. Anshik Mangalik can marry a Manglik as well as a non-Manglik however; a Sampuurn Manglik should marry only a manglik, else it's believed to cause unfortunate death of 1 partner, inflicting discomfort and tension, separation, divorce etc. Some astrologers also suggest gemstones. In case of females, they can also marry a silver or gold statue of lord Krishna. Vedic astrology has divided the signs in to four varna that are Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra.

For Kundli milan Astrologers in india consider varna of the sign that could be a part of the Asht koota. It is consider very auspicious for the bride and groom if their birth sign falls in same Varna. I am Jayden Smith I am here because I love to give presentations.

You can find me at username Vedic astrology assigns 9 types of Taras to different nakshatras and therefore all twenty seven nakshatras are divided into nine groups of Taras containing three nakshatras each. Tara is calculated from the birth nakshatra of an individual according to the hindu astrology. You can find me at username Yoni have a special significance in vedic astrology. Yoni of Nakshatra of a bride and groom should be same for a successful married life. Couple with same Yoni possess same qualities and habits which reduces the probabilities of conflicts and disharmony in their relationship.

You can find me at username Graha Maitri is situated at fifth position from the lowest and accordingly it carries five Gunas or points. Different variety of Gunas or points are responsible for Graha Maitri match; based on whether the lords of the Moon signs of bride and groom matches with each other, following the rules of Gun milan.

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One of them is the Gana of the Nakshatra. All the twenty seven Nakshatra is divided into three groups. They are Deva, Manushya and Raakshas. This includes maximum of 7 points , and there are different points or combinations which has their own predictions. Bhakut Dosh tells the relation between the bride and groom in detail. It is usually considered that the mentioned combination creates lot of marital problem between couples. Such combination denotes bad health, accidents, relationships issues, problem related to pregnancy , child birth , loss of job, create separation, financial issues and can create emotional disturbance between the bride and groom in long run.

It can create distance between couple based on their careers, family as well different responsibilities. Unlike other dosh, Bhakut dosh must be cancelled or removed. Reason being Bhakut dosh destroys the marriage slowly and gradually. It will never let the couple live together in peace and couple will always have challenges to meet their desires. There few remedies which can be performed or done to reduce the effect of Bhakut dosh. Please be clear that Bhakut dosh does not get cancelled or removed completely it can only be reduced to a greater extent for the couple to live peacefully.

One can perform Puja, use different mantra or tantra for reducing the degree of Dhosh for betterment. This includes exceptional combinations that can be found at the time of matching the horoscope. These combinations can very much lessened the dosh n partners and usually such combinations are considered at the time of marriage.

Kundali Milan for Marriage-Never ignore 6 important Factors with Nakshatra Matching

For instance, if the Lord of Moon Signs is same of both horoscopes , Bhakoot dosh is said to be lessened. Secondly, the Bhakoot dosh is said to be lessened in case of Aries-Scorpio and Taurus-Libra and Thirdly Bhakoot dosh is said to be lessened in case of Capricorn-Aquarius. Bhakoot dosha is less in this case but does not get completely removed. However one should remember that the actual malefic effect caused by Bhakoot Dosh gives different results to each couple depending upon the planetary aspects present in both the horoscopes.

One cannot presume to have the same combinations until two horoscopes or kundali are matched.

Choose Your Zodiac Sign

These defects can be potentially more serious if some other Dosha like Nadi Dosha, Gana Dosha and the weak Graha milan is there in the horoscope. Bhakut is the 2nd most important Dosh in Ashtkoot Guna Milan or Horoscope Matching and it must be calculated or studied well before a marriage is fixed.

Bhakoota Dosh भाकुट दोष (हिंदी में) Match Making of Horoscope, Kundali Milan, Guna Milan Part 4

At Aakshvaani , we have astrologers or pundits who are specialised in reading Bhakut dosh , finding remedies as well giving solutions to couples to have a smooth married life. Even if the couple are married but having a disturbed life can get these Dosh checked by the experts and find solutions to reduce the effect.

Venus and Moon for Love and affection

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