November 10 equinox astrology

November 10, 2017

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In the Northern Hemisphere, Equinox is a time for reflection and gratitude, celebrating that which we have created and seeded in the light of the Spring and Summer as we face and prepare for the longer shadows of the months ahead. These lights and shadows are within us as much as they are out in the world. By peering into our own dark recesses and facing our fears, we may find the resources hidden within.

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It is by strength and will that we move through life. Sister Vesta, the keeper of our spiritual flame, emphasizes this point as she turns retrograde on Equinox.

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On the same day, the Moon meets up with the North Node in Cancer, aligning our desires with our destiny. Find stability within yourself as the world ebbs and flows in the Cancer rhythms.

All will come and go in perfect balance. Know that this is a season of harmonization, not just a day. Depending on where you are, there may be a day or so variance. Also be aware of a shift in circadian rhythms with the changing of the seasons which may affect moods and sleep. And take notice of potential communication glitches, with geostationary satellites experiencing power and transmission disruptions due to the alignment of the Sun to Earth. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is in retrograde until December, calling up our traumas, wounds and vulnerabilities so that they may be healed.

Here is your horoscope for November 10, 2018

Its Aries placement addresses the very core of who we are, and why we came to planet Earth. The uniting of our light energies in Libra calls on all the wisdom of the Equinox, creating balance and harmony within the imbalances and dissonance of life on a polarity planet that is a bit out of whack. Parallels occur when two planets are at the same declination, both in the north or south. They are considered to have the same effect as conjunctions.

Contraparallels are when one star in the north and another in the south are at the same declination. They are considered to have the same effect as oppositions. More Astrology Charts. Tommy Chong May 24, Andy Kaufman January 17, at PM.

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